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Our Home Tea L.L.C. is a great place to begin an exciting, fun, and entertaining exploration of the wonderful world of loose leaf tea!!!

Welcome, I am so glad you found us. Please, take a look around the Our Home Tea website.  Before you leave take a quick look at the “Featured Tea Explorers” who stand out for their commitment to the tea industry and our communities. But visit us again as we want to continuously update the site with new personalities, experiences, and places to explore premium loose leaf teas. - Hans, Owner of Our Home Tea L.L.C.

KidTurkeyHead     Our Home Tea is a bit unique in that we focus on Tea Events and having lots Fun”.  Events      and fun in the form of  Children’s Tea party’s, Afternoon teas, tea tastings, tea ceremonies, Tea-  opoly and of course Tea-go!  If you are not familiar with Tea-go just thing Bingo. We want    people to enjoy a great Darjeeling while experiencing  music, dance, comedy,  or even  discussions regarding the issue of the day – all in the furtherance of an enhanced knowledge and  a fresh new association with this joyous plant – Camellia Sinensis.

Read from  experts who are cooking with tea, and the mixologists who are creating new Teadrinker1and      wonderful drinks with tea. Wanna know how to make a “Hot Tea Tottie”?

Let’s find some friends and “explore” some delicious teas from around the world.

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